Nov 28, 2011

Nite Finder Mod

     The Nite-Finder has countless modifications you can do, and all are fairly easy.

These mods are the ones I performed on the Nite-Finder pictured above.

     I cut off much of the front and bottom where the light was housed.

Seal improvement
     I added an O-ring and tape on the plunger head.

Spring addition
     I added a Stormfire spring nested in the NF one.

AR removal
     I took out the air restrictor.

Deadspace removal
     I filled the deadspace where the AR was with the new barrel and hot glue.

Barrel Shroud
     Just like with the PistolSplat, I added 3/4" CPVC around the 1/2" barrel for looks and durability.  However, this one is removable and can instead have one with holes for silencing or a long one for accuracy.

  Also, with the seal being so good, it can vacuum load!  Ranges are about the same as my PistolSplat, but that was much easier to mod.  This was a somewhat advanced mod and got the same end results.  Overall, the Nite Finder has more potential but is harder to reach and needs an overhaul, and the Pistolsplat is classier and gets plenty good ranges with less effort.

Overall, it's a good mod and isn't too complex either.  If you're feeling ambitious, you could also try a plunger tube replacement or extended draw, but it isn't necessary.  This thing already has more than enough power for stock darts.  Also, instead of adding springs you can loop rubber bands around it and onto the plunger.  Super simple, and a cheap way to easily improve power.

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