Feb 15, 2018

"Because" Tab and Lyrics by The Beatles

A simple and concise edit of the lyrics and tabs to "Because".  The tabs I found on Ultimate Guitar were very close, but not perfect.  I listened note by note to the original and just cleaned up a few notes, enjoy!

Feb 9, 2018

The Beatles "Because" nine-part cover

My first attempt at vocal harmonies, and I really jumped into the thick of it with this song.  The tuning is really questionable at some points, but it was solid practice mixing and mastering.  Expect a tutorial on easy vintage EQ and effects upcoming soon as well!

Feb 6, 2018

46 and 2 or 3 instruments

A fun test of coordination here, as well as a good demo of the new budget recording setup I've worked out here.

Jan 28, 2018

How to Sound Like Eric Johnson in BIAS FX

A demo and tutorial on how to get your guitar (excluding player) sounding like Eric Johnson without a boutique pedalboard, vintage tube amp, or even a nice guitar.  Even if you don't use BIAS FX, you might be able to find some helpful tips and tricks anyway if you're ever chasing after that Cliffs of Dover sound.

Jan 5, 2018

DIY Jack Daniels Barnwood Telecaster Build

After years of disregarding the Telecaster as the troglodytic brother of the sleek and superior Strat, it finally hit me why the Telecaster has remained popular for over 50 years.  Trimming down the glitz of a tremolo and a middle pickup (which I always ignored anyway) leaves you with a utilitarian tool that gets you back to the fundamentals of playing with less maintenance and distracting thing-a-majigs.

Inspired by this minimalist vision and this bourbon-infused aesthetic from "Big D Guitars", I decided to build my own Jack Daniels Tele... on an extreme shoestring budget, as usual!  Looks pretty good for about $40 and some barnwood, doesn't it?

Jack Daniels Barnwood Telecaster

Dec 28, 2017

Hybrid Tube Amp Idea

A silly but not-too-silly idea and a sloppy Photoshop job came together, and this is what you got.  

Of course there are modeling amps that can cover infinitely many types of amps, but that's not quite the same idea here.  First off, there's that reassuring manual feel, and as charming as the interface gets on simulators such as BIAS FX or Amplitube, they're never going to be as nice as turning an actual knob.  Then there's that tube mysticism, which may or may not be so magical as to be completely inimitable by anything invented after 1969.

The biggest real difference here is that unlike modelers that switch between amps, this could have a separate valve amp controlling each speaker at different volumes that could be blended together.  The closest I've gotten to this is BIAS, which allows a maximum of two amps at once (many famous guitarists such as Eric Johnson are known to use two amps at once).  I'd imagine four different valve amps blended could create some mind-blowing-ly rich tones.  But that's just speculation, without a couple thousand dollars to sink into building a test... at least not yet!

Dec 22, 2017

Building a simple wood guitar pedalboard

After finishing up this lovely guitar rack over the summer, I was faced with a dilemma; a decent-sized board of nice wood and no obvious projects to use it on.  At some point my mind went back to the drawer of scarcely-used pedals and the disorganized tangle of cords that kept me from ever using them.  Since pedalboards are ridiculously overpriced to buy, building one would be the perfect DIY solution to all of these "problems" at once.

Nov 12, 2017

Spray painting an enamel burst finish guitar (the right way)

The guitar business is one deeply entrenched in a sort of mysticism surrounding the "right" paints for the "right" sounds, and what's "right" is inevitably old lacquer or some even more cancerous alternative.

But if you're reading this, you probably already knew that - my SEO isn't terribly great so you'd have to be looking long and hard for someone so charming and modest, or at least devoid of snooty preconceptions about guitar paint.  On to the helpful part!