Jul 29, 2014

Science Experiment idea - Tonewoods

This is a (long) comment I left on YouTube discussing a good idea I had regarding the everlasting debate about tonewoods on electric guitars.

Jul 23, 2014

Guitar Tuning Trick

     Here's a little tip I picked up along the way for how to keep your guitar in tune a little better, especially if it's a cheap one.

     Here we have the type of guitar tuner that this trick will work for (not all types work).  See the little screw at the top?  Most Fender or Schaller style tuners will have one of these.  If one of your tuners feels a little loose or wobbly, try tightening this screw.  It fixed the problem instantly on a few cheap tuners.

     In addition, tightening compresses the bushing just a little, causing friction.  This is not good when you are restringing and want it to turn smooth and quickly.  But when you want the tuner to hold a note, even with strains of bending and vibrato, the extra friction will help it hold it in tune.  "The more you know."

Jul 22, 2014

More Blank Tab Sheets

For some reason my blank guitar tab sheets are my most popular post.  Due to apparent popular demand, I released sequels!

Free blank bass guitar and violin/mandolin tabs for your tabbing convenience!


Violin and mandolin after the break.

Jul 21, 2014

List of FUSE Presets

Here's my arrangement of preset tones on my Fender Mustang amp.  Even if you don't have a Mustang amp you can still see the types of tones I have to cover pretty much any type of music.

Red: (Red presets are occasionally used, mostly one trick presets)

# Church Organ - Octaver and delay and stuff.
G Paradise Wah - Paradise City intro, or Dream Theater.
F Ambient Bliss - Tremolo and way too much reverb.
E 12 String - Octaver on a Twin Reverb to sound like a 12 string.
D Studio Rock - Similar to Classic Metal, more of a alt rock sound.
C Shredder's Delight - Metal lead tone.
B Eric Johnson - The master of tone himself.
A Hendrix Wah - Wah with some dirt kicked in.

Green: (Green presets are sometimes used, more specialized)

# Funky Wah - Mostly clean with serious touch wah.
G FX Metal - Great 80's metal/hard rock lead tone.
F Out There - Sparkly clean with delay and echo filter.
E Empty - Nothin.  No effects.
D Fuzz - Pretty much what you would expect.
C Super Super Sonic - Serious flanging action.
B Aussie Rock - You would be shocked if you knew who this was referring to.
A Synth of Legends - The one, the only.  Such 80s.

Orange: (Mostly commonly used presets)

# Clean - A 57 Reverb with some verb.
G FX Clean - Similar to Clean, also some chorus and delay
F Mild Overdrive - Good for blues or oldies.
E FX Rock - Basically Slash tone.
D Rock - Plain.  Ol.  Rock.
C Classic Metal - EvH, Randy Rhoads, so on.
B Metal - Mostly Metallica based.
A Metal Solo - Definitely Metallica based.

So that's it folks!  Most of these I uploaded to the FUSE community and can be found there, links are in some other places on this site.  Thank you, come again :)

Jul 19, 2014

Ultimate Guitar Design

    Now this is a little unusual for me, but I'm going to write a little something just to explain how great the designs of Schecter's guitars, specifically the Omen-6, are.  This isn't some fan's rave though; I'm going to go through, piece by piece, and analyze what parts are good, what are bad, and why that is so.

     This doesn't just apply to Schecter either - it encompasses Fenders, Gibsons, Jacksons, First Acts...

Jul 16, 2014

Free Guitar Backing Tracks

You can find a whole lot of seriously great material for free on Youtube, and nothing hones your musicality better than a nice backing track to improvise along to.  So here's links to a bunch of my favorite backing tracks that I like to play along to.  Enjoy!

More after the break.

Jul 14, 2014

Updated Links to FUSE Tones

Here I go again with my Fender FUSE tones for the Mustang series of amps.  But it's the best amp I've got, so I have plenty of time to get the sound just right, which is really convenient for everyone else who can now get awesome sounds without spending hours working on it.

Get ready:

FX Metal - Great for finger tapping and general 80's metal solos and stuff.

Clean - Yep.  A fine tuned '65 Twin Reverb.

FX Clean - With some chorus / flanging stuff for more fun.

Overdrive - Vintagey overdrive.

Rock - Need I say more?

Hard Rock - Van Halen through Iron Maiden.

Metal - Metallic.  If ya know what I mean.

Metal 2 - I can only assume that this one is better.  A few months more tuning anyway.  You decide.

Metal Solo - Same dealio.

Metal Solo 2 - Back and better than ever.

EvH Brown Tone - Pretty close to Hard Rock.  An attempt in changing marketing strategies.

Synth of Legends - You didn't ask for it.  But it's in your face whether you like it or not.

Enjoy!  Leave feedback if you get the chance to try some out please :)

Jul 12, 2014

Adventures of a Strat part 3

A picture is supposedly worth a thousand words so I shouldn't have to say very much. 

Unfortunately I couldn't get a better pickguard and pickup, so I used what it had before, the stock pickups wired in series. 

Surprisingly though,  the combined output of all three checks in at 11k ohm, while just one of my Schecter Omen's humbuckers has near 15k ohms.

It's not all bad though.  The reason I couldn't get replacement parts is actually because I found a much better deal.  Musician's Friend is having a "July Shredfest", so I bagged a Rogue Rocketeer electric guitar  at just $60.  

The total for that with some picks, strings and cables was still no morethan I would have spent upgrading the pickguard, pickups, nut, saddles, string trees and what have you on this guitar.

Perhaps soon you will see a new series - the adventures of an even cheaper guitar, highlighting my efforts to make a professionalish guitar for under 100 bucks :)

Jul 2, 2014

Update on Strat build


     My project Squier Strat has now progressed from a pile of pieces back into an almost complete guitar again.  Sounds sweet no?  Here are a few other modifications I made to it:

  • The obvious one - put a block of wood in the neck pickup cavity.  Why?  Hopefully it'll help increase sustain.  Maybe it will help shield something.  Maybe it will keep bugs from living in the empty hole where there isn't a pickup.  Who knows!  There are no rules to guitar building!
  • Also added a solid steel tube I found.  Why?  It fit perfectly.  Also see above.
  • Blocked tremolo.  A really common mod and hopefully a very useful one.  I only used two of the rear springs, mostly to keep it all grounded, and also because the wood was so tightly fit that there was no way springs were necessary.  This should dramatically help the two biggest problems I found this guitar to have - sustain and tuning.
  • Some other little stuff too.  Mostly making everything fit perfectly flush, a little sanding here and there, a touch of glue in some of the screw holes.  Also overtightened the input jack by removing one of the nuts and cranking it tight, since it kept coming unscrewed.
     The only thing left is getting a good pickguard and pickup, maybe a little bit of wiring, and intonation setup and it'll be all set to go!