Jul 21, 2014

List of FUSE Presets

Here's my arrangement of preset tones on my Fender Mustang amp.  Even if you don't have a Mustang amp you can still see the types of tones I have to cover pretty much any type of music.

Red: (Red presets are occasionally used, mostly one trick presets)

# Church Organ - Octaver and delay and stuff.
G Paradise Wah - Paradise City intro, or Dream Theater.
F Ambient Bliss - Tremolo and way too much reverb.
E 12 String - Octaver on a Twin Reverb to sound like a 12 string.
D Studio Rock - Similar to Classic Metal, more of a alt rock sound.
C Shredder's Delight - Metal lead tone.
B Eric Johnson - The master of tone himself.
A Hendrix Wah - Wah with some dirt kicked in.

Green: (Green presets are sometimes used, more specialized)

# Funky Wah - Mostly clean with serious touch wah.
G FX Metal - Great 80's metal/hard rock lead tone.
F Out There - Sparkly clean with delay and echo filter.
E Empty - Nothin.  No effects.
D Fuzz - Pretty much what you would expect.
C Super Super Sonic - Serious flanging action.
B Aussie Rock - You would be shocked if you knew who this was referring to.
A Synth of Legends - The one, the only.  Such 80s.

Orange: (Mostly commonly used presets)

# Clean - A 57 Reverb with some verb.
G FX Clean - Similar to Clean, also some chorus and delay
F Mild Overdrive - Good for blues or oldies.
E FX Rock - Basically Slash tone.
D Rock - Plain.  Ol.  Rock.
C Classic Metal - EvH, Randy Rhoads, so on.
B Metal - Mostly Metallica based.
A Metal Solo - Definitely Metallica based.

So that's it folks!  Most of these I uploaded to the FUSE community and can be found there, links are in some other places on this site.  Thank you, come again :)

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