Nov 12, 2012

Airsoft Targets

          While the most fun in Airsoft comes from going to battle with your friends, or anyone else, "plinking" in your backyard is also a fun way to shoot Airsoft, whether just taking a new gun out to see how it performs, sighting it in, testing accuracy, or just shooting targets for fun.  

          There are many ways to do this, most of the varieties relying on your target.  Shooting an interactive target is much more fun than just aiming at trees, which is why enjoying target practice relies so much on what target you are using.  

          Rather than buying any targets, few of which seemed worthwhile anyway, I made a multitude of different targets and tried them all.  Read more to find out about many of the targets I made for a few dollars each, which you can make from cheap, easily accessible materials.

The Can

          The mother of all targets, the soda can has been assaulted by plastic pellets since the invention of Airsoft.  Soda cans make good targets since no work is required to make them, and they are easily accessible and free.  Another thing that makes them good targets is that they make decent chronographs for poor people.  Testing to see which parts of the can the BBs will go through allows you to guesstimate FpS within a range of about 50.  The other nice thing about cans is when hit, they make a nice loud pinging sound so you immediately know whether you hit or not.  Problems with cans?  Most shots will knock them over, if the wind doesn't first.  That makes shooting more than once (especially outside) a big hassle, especially if you are at long distances.

          What could be better than one can?  Three, duct taped to a piece of cardboard.  In my efforts to combat the downsides of setting up cans from being hit or blown away by the wind, I made this ghetto rig.  It didn't work.  Maybe next time...

          Inspired by targets like this, I wanted to make a target actually stuck into the ground, where wind would no longer be a problem.  I used 5 total feet of 1/2" PVC pipe with a T and two endcaps to make this effective, reactive target.  When hit, the cans move and make sounds like they normally would, but are attached and thus impervious to effects of the wind.  Works like a charm.

          While these other targets are great for casual target practice, I wanted to make a target that could have accurately measurable results.  This target is great for accuracy tests on reviews, which I will soon be updating with accuracy tests taken on this target.

          My criteria when I designed this was that it should have at least a 7" x 7" area, be sturdy and last through thousands of shots, not blow away, and be able to easily replace paper targets on it.  I have succeeded in making this target.  It is made of two 8" x 8" MDF boards secured with Gorilla Glue and three screws.  I drilled four holes at the corners of the target which I put screws through to hold on the easily replaceable targets.  I have already tested the JG G3 with this and it was a success :)

          I'd recommend making a target like either of the last two if you want a superior target for a lower price than storebought targets.  It sure beats cans ;)

Oct 21, 2012

Buzz Bee Ultimate Missile Blast Mod and Review

     The successor to the Big Blast, the Ultimate Missile Blast had a lot to live up to.  Unfortunately, this blaster has really been largely ignored on the whole and can be made into a fantastic, powerful blaster.  Read on to find out how.

Jun 13, 2012

JG G3 Review

     At $140 the JG G3 is a reasonably affordable gun by a decent brand.  But how good is is, and can it compare to the other AEG's in its price range?

Berserker Mods

     The Berserker is a great all-purpose primary for a low price.  But modded, it can be so much more effective.  My mods increase range to 50' and give it capability to use any 1/2" PVC barrel attachment.

Apr 2, 2012

Nerf Deploy Review and Mod

My Deploy mod (and review)

The Review

     Overall, the Deploy has taken a lot of criticism, and I want to defend it, just a little.  It is a reshelled Recon, which is nothing that I am a fan of.  However, suppose one didn't have a Recon.  Or Alpha Trooper or Longstrike or Raider.  Or they just thought it a neat gimmick and something new and unorthodox and gave it a try.

Mar 14, 2012

UHC Spring Revolver Review

     In general, $30 is definitely out there for a non-metal spring pistol.  Particularly when it shoots terribly.  However, the looks of this revolver might make an exception.

Mar 1, 2012

CYMA CM028 Ak47 Review

     This is my in-depth review of the CYMA CM028 airsoft AEG.  It's low price tag and high performance make it one of the most popular and successful airsoft AEG's on the market.

Feb 26, 2012

Crosman Stinger P311 Review

 The Crosman Stinger P311 Spring pistol.

     The Stinger P311 was my first Airsoft gun that I ever bought.  It surpassed my expectations and still surprises me.  Airsoft guns from Walmart have a bad reputation, but this defies the trend.  It is remarkably durable (has survived at least 20 drops from 4 feet high, probably due to my attempted spin reloads ;)  )  The FPS seems pretty good, and can punch through one side of a soda can at under five feet.

Feb 23, 2012

NcStar 3-9 x 40 Scope

     The NCStar 3-9 x 40 scope is an excellent choice when looking for a scope for Airsoft or any other purpose.  And for the price, it is absolutely outstanding.

Feb 22, 2012

DE G36 Review

     The spring G36K by Double Eagle is an extremely cost-effective choice when looking for a starter Airsoft gun or simple replica.  But is it worth it?

Feb 21, 2012

Crosman Stinger P36 Mod

     This Crosman pistol was a freebie with the Crosman R39.  For fun I did a little mod and added a silencer.

Hicaps vs Midcaps

     Ever since its introduction to the Airsoft world, the high capacity mag has changed the game.  The ability to hold up to 600 rounds in a normal sized magazine is great, particularly with the outstanding RoF some AEG's have.  But does it take the fun out of the game, and are we better off without them?

     I personally prefer Midcaps to some extent.  My reasons are these:

  • Slightly more realistic
  • No rattling of BB's whenever you move
  • No need to wind up the bottom every 30 shots
  • Cheaper and available in larger quantities
  • More reliable
  • Do you really need to fire off 600 rounds without reloading?

     However, this doesn't mean Hicaps don't have their uses.  In a Mil-sim game, mid caps would be preferable, but in a tournament, Hicaps might save you.
  • If you are going to fire off 600 rounds anyway, wouldn't it be easier to do without switching mags?
  • Although Midcaps are cheaper, you don't need more than one or two Hicaps in most cases
  • Less weight and gear overall to carry around

     I think for target practice Midcaps are certainly superior.  They will also make you want your shots to count instead of spraying all over.  For me, the biggest downsides of Hicaps are the annoying rattle that takes away any chance of stealth and makes it seem less real, and the fact that you don't need to worry about winding the mag once in a while.  It's personal preference, but the situation might help you decide as well.

Crosman R39 Review

Crosman Stinger R39

  This was my first airsoft rifle I ever bought.  Was it worth it?  Read more to find out.

Well P90 Review

     This is my review for the Well P90, an inexpensive LPEG plastic gearbox automatic.

Feb 14, 2012

Mega Missile Mod

     The Buzz Bee Mega Missile is a mixed bag, but overall I think it does not get the attention it deserves.

Jan 15, 2012

Homemade PVC bow

     It's not often that I make homemades, but this one I felt was worth mention.

Note:  Since making this bow, I have made not one, but two more!  Read about them >here<