Feb 21, 2012

Well P90 Review

     This is my review for the Well P90, an inexpensive LPEG plastic gearbox automatic.

     I have always loved the bullpup design for some reason and just like weirdly designed guns that pull it off.  The P90 definitely counts as this.  I purchased the Well P90 just as much to be a replica as to actually use it, and it's good that I did.

     When thinking of this gun's performance, think of a mini electric.  The FPS isn't very good.  It is really about what should be expected from an LPEG like this.  It barely dents a can, and it is just at the limit of what goes from being Airsoft to being a harmless toy.  It shoots at an okay RoF of around 6 shots a second.  The accuracy is pretty bad with shots curving all over at 25 feet.  The gravity fed mag is inconsistent and noisy.  There isn't all that much you can expect for performance.

Build Quality:
     This is what I was looking for in a replica.  The plastic is good quality, and is very sturdy.  The whole thing has no wobbly points or anything.  However, the top rail is made from a cheaper plastic that is not so thick and is not texturized.  It's not that bad, because it's not under pressure or anything.  The battery slot is in the back when you open it up, and holds a cubed AA battery block.  The mag is not built so well and is basically a molded rectangle.  The BB's just sit inside and roll down to the bottom, which is definitely not a good thing.

     The Well P90 comes in 2 versions: one with a bunch of accessories and one without for a slightly lower price.  They include a silencer, red dot sight, flashlight, and target trap.  The target trap is a piece of junk, end of story.  The red dot scope is not very good either, and the one pictured is one that came on my Double Eagle G36.  However, since the gun has no iron sights, the included red dot sight would be better than nothing.  The silencer is okay, and it is up to personal preference on whether you would use it or not.  I don't use it because it doesn't do anything and makes it less maneuverable.  The flashlight is the best of the included accessories and shines a very bright blue.

The Bottom Line

     It's a P90
     High capacity
     Decent RoF
     Good build
     Low Price ($30)
     Several accessories

     Poor FPS
      Poor Accuracy
      Not very good accessories
      Unreliable mag

Summary:  Overall, if you are looking for a decent gun for target practice or a usable gun for backyard wars, you'll probably want to pass.  It's acceptable for those purposes, but in my opinion it is just good for a showpiece.  However, it does make quite a showpiece with it's unique design and good build at an extremely low price.

Overall Score:  ***

AR&M Performance/Value Score:

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