Feb 14, 2012

Mega Missile Mod

     The Buzz Bee Mega Missile is a mixed bag, but overall I think it does not get the attention it deserves.

    This blaster is available for an extremely low price and has a large air tank.  Just one of those reasons is generally enough to make any Nerfer consider getting a blaster.  The Mega Missile has both and is very compact on top of all that.  In this review/mod I will try to get everyone to rethink their stereotypes of Buzz Bee.  Now, many of those are true, but I have been surprised by them more than once.

The Review

     This blaster is very compact (sub-Maverick size) and chunky.  It's handle is a little small and the pump is also a bit uncomfortable.  The plastic it is made out of is good enough but nowhere near Nerf quality or better.  It is pretty ugly and I honestly can't say I love it.  Lets hope performance makes it worth it.

     Unlike any other blaster of this size, the Mega Missile uses an air tank and pump as opposed to a spring plunger.  This slows RoF but greatly increases power.  The overall quality is nothing to brag about, but the performance in this compact blaster is great.  Stock, with missiles, ranges are about 25 feet.  Modded, however, ranges are excellent.

The Mod

     All I did was add a coupler to the front, allowing it to take any 1/2" PVC attachment.  First, open the blaster.  Then, take out the tank/barrel.  Cut off (leaving a little) the stock barrel.  Wrap the stub of the stock barrel on the tank in electrical tape until snug in a coupler.  Cut the coupler so one side is normal and the other is the same length as the barrel stub.  Jam/glue on the coupler.  Voila.

     With this mod, this blaster can take any barrel attachment and fires with a lot of power.  I'd say it has a little more than the Longshot, and around half as much as the Titan.  Singled ranges could near or even break 100 feet.

     Overall, this blaster is great in functionality and performance.  It doesn't deliver in comfort or quality, but if it did it wouldn't cost so little, so there are trade offs to be made.  This blaster is also great to buy just to scrap for the airtank.  I transplanted the tank and pump into a Recon (post coming soon) and it worked out great.  Bottom line:  If you can mod (and find it in a store), get it.

The Bottom Line

     Great power

     Bad quality

Summary:  It's extremely functional and powerful for a low price, which makes it worth overlooking how uncomfortable and ugly it is.

Overall Score:  ****


  1. Where did you get this?

  2. I found it at 5 Below. I bought this one once and actually got a second a different time (to use the airtank), so they reliably carried it. However, I haven't seen it there recently, and stocks change. Buzz Bee has probably discontinued it by now, but I've also heard that Kmart sometimes carries them. It's pretty hard to find and for the trouble you could get something else. The BB Ultimate Missile Blast is similar, and while much pricier, is a lot better too (review/mod soon)


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