Feb 23, 2012

NcStar 3-9 x 40 Scope

     The NCStar 3-9 x 40 scope is an excellent choice when looking for a scope for Airsoft or any other purpose.  And for the price, it is absolutely outstanding.

     The 3-9 x 40 designation means that the zoom is variable between 3x all the way to 9x, and the "40" means the objective lens is 40 mm.  For Airsoft purposes that is perfect.

     Clarity is very good, and it focuses well at any distance past 30 feet on 3x zoom.   On higher zoom levels it focuses farther away, and cannot be used at close range.  I generally leave it on 3x.  Any farther is only useful for spotting targets, not shooting with.  

     The scope is made of full metal and is extremely durable.  Unless you drop the lens directly on a sharp rock there isn't much you could do to damage it.

     The mounts are included and work well.  They fit on all Airsoft rails without wobble.

     Moar pics ;)
The scope costs more than the gun ^
And again

     The reticule is like a standard rifle scope but with mil-dot markings in the center.  They don't really have a use for Airsoft and I didn't know whether it was a mil-dot scope or not.  It doesn't make much of a difference.

     Adjustable zoom
     Lens covers
     Rails included
     Only $30

     You don't have it yet.

     Overall I have a hard time expressing how awesome this scope is.  It's just that it has no flaws whatsoever.  There isn't anything wrong in anyway nor do I foresee problems arising in the future.  Too many scopes cost thousands of dollars and are little different than this one.  This is one of the best $30 you can put towards high-quality Airsoft equipment.

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