Feb 21, 2012

Crosman Stinger P36 Mod

     This Crosman pistol was a freebie with the Crosman R39.  For fun I did a little mod and added a silencer.

     To start I must say this pistol really is no good.  It has low fps and horrible hop up.  This mod fixes none of that but makes it more unique.

      All I did was take the silencer from the Well P90 and add it to this pistol.  I used a small knife and filed down the orange tip on the gun, dabbed Gorilla Glue around the base of the silencer and twisted it into the filed down tip.  The friction was so high it barely needed the glue.  To finish off the look I wrapped some E-tape around the orange tip.
     There you have it, a simple mod for a cheap pistol.  It won't make it shoot better and won't make it quieter but may make it a little more interesting.  

AR&M Performance/Value Score:

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