Sep 26, 2016

Green Day - "Time of Your Life" Cover

This song has meant something different every time I've heard it lately.  I know my singing is far from perfect but it's better than yesterday and that's the best I can do.

Sep 25, 2016

Free Lightsaber Mouse Icons

On a Star Wars kick playing Jedi Outcast, I was briefly inspired by the lightsaber cursor on the menu.  While not half as cool as that professionally done cursor, these minimalistic lightsaber cursors I drew add a little personality while being minimally obtrusive, and uber easy to install/uninstall.  Enjoy :)

Sep 16, 2016

Bias FX Demo Review and First Impressions

Bias FX software
A look at the excellent user interface of Bias FX

Last night after watching a series of increasingly enthusiastic favorable reviews of Bias FX software by Positive Grid, I decided to see what I could experience myself.  Unfortunately, the $200 for the (mostly) full software just isn't in my budget for gear now, but thankfully they do make a demo version available for free on their website here.

How did my experience stack up to the fawning reviews available?  Read on to find out...

Sep 13, 2016

New (old) Bass Day: '92 Fender Korean P-Bass

Some teaser pics of the latest acquisition before I get around to the full writeup: today I picked up this old P-bass as part of a trade.  It was in need of a bit of TLC but now it's functional; I see potential for more intensive modding in this bass's future, check back soon for updates!

Sep 8, 2016

Reflection on Political Satire Experiment

A few months ago I wrote a satirical piece on Trump selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate.  What was meant to be a lighthearted bit about an impossibly irrational and doubtlessly entertaining duo quickly turned into a rather darker demonstration of the trust people place in anything that remotely resembles reputable "news" outlets, as well as the long reach of Poe's law on the internet.

Long story short: if you're not the Onion, you'd better issue a lot of disclaimers, because people find it difficult to believe that satire can be written elsewhere.

Sep 6, 2016

Questions regarding Immigration Policy

Here are a few questions and statements from a debate with a friend that I thought would be interesting to share, whether as questions, ammunition for other debates, or just fuel for thought:

I'll just put out a few questions then because I'm genuinely curious what you think: what does it matter if children are living here and their parents didn't go through the official regulatory processes?

If a family has been here for decades and settled down, has kids, the parents have jobs... what is the point of deporting them? Why go to the trouble and expense? Is that justice, or is it going out of your way to flex legal muscles and prove a point?

So a different question: what is the point of forcing immigrants through lengthy, expensive, convoluted immigration processes anyway? 

Sep 5, 2016

Websynths - Bach Prelude in C Major

My little demo of the excellent Websynths, which allows you to play infinitely variable synthesizer sounds directly from your web browser!  I sorta learned a bit of Bach's "Prelude in C Major" for the fun of it, be sure to check it out!

Sep 4, 2016

Ibanez RG8 Walnut Natural Photos

Ibanez RG8 Walnut Guitar

Took a couple more photos today in better lighting for anyone interested in an Ibanez RG8 natural finish up close.

Ibanez RG8 Walnut Guitar

Sep 2, 2016

New Jazz Lick

Here's a quick little jazz lick that I learned via a YouTube video by QuistJam.  The tone is using the Seymour Duncan '59 neck pickup on my new (old) Schecter C1 through the Vox Pathfinder 10w practice amp with a bit of reverb added in the studio afterwards.