May 10, 2016

Breaking News: Trump selects Sarah Palin as V.P. Candidate

          Amidst the firestorm of debate surrounding the potential V.P. picks by the remaining candidates, billionaire business mogul Donald J. Trump dropped a bombshell this Tuesday by announcing that he would be selecting former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate for this coming November election.

          While only eight years ago, selecting Sarah Palin as V.P. spelled the end for otherwise reasonable candidate John McCain, it doesn't appear that this move, or indeed any other move made by Trump, has had any influence on his unwavering standing in the polls.

          "You know, I wanted to make it really clear to the public that this campaign was a publicity stunt and never meant to be taken seriously from the start," Trump was reported as having said Tuesday afternoon.  "It doesn't seem like anyone has caught on yet."

          The disinterest in facts and public statements of any form shown by Trump supporters represents the start of a new age in politics, one where little things such as political correctness, previous experience, relevant knowledge, or thinking before speaking are no longer pre-requisites to holding the highest office in the land.

          Trump has since expressed very mild concerns regarding his inability to rein in his followers or inform them that the entire campaign has been merely been a $50,000,000 practical joke to see how far he could get.  Republican party officials have expressed considerably more concern at their own impotence, and how presenting a wide field of equally unqualified or distasteful candidates did nothing to impede The Don's progress as he continues to sweep the nation on his path to the Oval Office.  For the moment it appears Trump too plans on riding the wave and seeing where the American people put him.

           "You know, I think Sarah is a beautiful woman and will do a great job, she's just a fantastic woman and I want to work with the very best.  The work we'll do is going to be just great, you'll see," Trump said in his closing remarks.

*this post is obviously a satire intended for entertainment purposes only, although mad props to you if you use it for more.

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