May 29, 2016

CYMA CM032 M14 AEG Review

While I haven't done much with Airsoft in the past year or more, due to the overwhelming popularity of my CYMA AK-47 review from a few years back, I figured I should follow up with it's brother AEG, the CYMA CM032 M14.

Overall the two have a lot in common and the primary differences are cosmetic and structural, with a few exceptions, so let's check it out!

CYMA CM028 AK-47 review (for reference). <

I purchased the CYMA CM032 M14 from Airsoft GI for around $130 new two years ago.  Compared to the CM028 AK47 it's a bit more, but the extra price goes into a slightly more robust and unique design.

AirsoftGI did a predictably good job packing and shipping and it arrived in a week in great condition.

Close up of the bolt mechanism with added top rail mount
It feels great to pick up, very solid and pretty well balanced, a bit heavier than the CM028 and significantly heavier than my Combat Machine M4.  Even the carbine version is not a lightweight gun to wield for CQB, but shouldn't give you real trouble on the field.

The majority of the construction is faux wood, which they did a pretty good job on, and is very convincing up until perhaps a few feet away.  It has seam lines on the underside but nothing to worry about.  Although the upper receiver near the front sight is black plastic, most of the upper receiver is metal.

The bolt in particular is full metal and feels great to use - while it serves no functional purpose, the metallic "cha-chunk" is pretty satisfying as a replica regardless of purpose!

The stock sights are decent, although I prefer wide rear sights and drilled out the rear sight a bit for faster acquisition and wider field of view, theoretically.  The front sight has a notch in the center which is easily filled with white or glow-in-the-dark paint for fast low-light aiming if you want, as I did.


The performance of this airsoft gun is pretty on-par with all cheap-but-decent AEG rifles in the $100-$200 range.  Despite appearing as a DMR or mid-range sniper, power and accuracy are only slightly better than a comparable CYMA or JG.

This accuracy test, compared to similar AEG's, found pretty good consistency and accuracy, although not the most precise.  Comparatively, this M14 is more accurate than both the CYMA AK and the JG G3 (short barrel), and more precise than the G3, but less precise still than the AK, in the tests I did.

Sights before adding white dot to front sight and top rail

Keep in mind that there were plenty of variables such as aim and wind that, while I tried to control, still influenced the final result.
Given the margin of error I have to say that the differences I found were quite small really, so I wouldn't buy this AEG expecting sniper accuracy out of the box.  It is, however, at least comparable and maybe marginally better than similar models.

A barrel upgrade could do a lot for this gun if you're prepared to put a little money and work into it.

I did upgrade mine a bit with a full-metal top rail mount, which ran $20-$30 and easily attaches to the upper receiver.  Great if you're interested in putting a scope on and still using the iron sights, although

This CYMA M14 obviously isn't going to be on the same level as a $500 KWA, for instance, but is a solid mid-level AEG at a fair price.  If you're on a pretty normal budget and ready to rock an M14 AEG as your primary, I'd say the CYMA CM032 is a solid way to go.

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