Feb 26, 2012

Crosman Stinger P311 Review

 The Crosman Stinger P311 Spring pistol.

     The Stinger P311 was my first Airsoft gun that I ever bought.  It surpassed my expectations and still surprises me.  Airsoft guns from Walmart have a bad reputation, but this defies the trend.  It is remarkably durable (has survived at least 20 drops from 4 feet high, probably due to my attempted spin reloads ;)  )  The FPS seems pretty good, and can punch through one side of a soda can at under five feet.

     Accuracy is OK, not the greatest, but acceptable.  Ironically, even though the accuracy isn't the best, the sights are very nice and the front sight has a red strip of transparent material, which helps make the front sight stand out for faster target acquisition.

     It is very comfortable to hold.  To someone used to holding Nerf blasters, the grip may seem a little over sized at first.  However, you quickly get used to it.  The clear plastic seems to be very high quality and 
is very thick.

     The weight is just right for someone who hasn't really handled other higher end Airsoft guns or real pistols.  Once you start to get much better (and not to forget more expensive) guns, you will realize how light it is in comparison, but really, it's more than good enough for starters.  Crosmans are like your first car, inexpensive and good for learning with and growing out of quickly.

     The mag is an interesting part of the gun and may be good or bad.  It is somewhat complex for a spring pistol mag, but has a kind of weak catch and may be prone to spray the bb's out if you're not careful while reloading.  It holds 12 bb's, which is slightly low for a spring pistol.  Once in the magwell, it feeds very reliably.

The Bottom Line

          Decent power ~300 fps
          High Quality

          Not so good accuracy
          No hop up
          Not the best mag quality

Summary:  Overall, it's a great intro to the world of Airsoft.  It is sold at the low price of around $12.  It is basically the cheapest Airsoft gun that you can get that is actually decent.  It isn't the most accurate, but it's pretty powerful and reliable too.  I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a nice sidearm or a first Airsoft gun at a low price.

Overall Score:  *****

AR&M Performance/Value Score:


  1. Cool little crosman airsoft. How much does it normally retail for??

  2. I think its a good skirmishing pistol. it would be great for a sniper without a spotter in case he gets ambushed.


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