Mar 9, 2012

Cybergun Soft Air FAMAS Review

     At $40, this spring Famas may make a good first sniper.  But how good?

     Overall quality is pretty good.  It is fairly heavy for the price and although made of all plastic, the plastic is sturdy.  The safety is a little piece of cheap plastic in front of the trigger.  All it does when on is make it a little harder to get to the trigger.  I'd take it off if I could.

   The mag is actually pretty nice.  It holds 45 rounds and is a midcap, so no winding.  It feeds reliably and is a nice weight.

     The mag release is in a convenient spot, but I have found that sometimes it will lock in really tight and need a lot of pressure to open it.  It makes a snapping sound and seems like it's going to break but no problems yet.

     The carry handle is the largest and most unique design I have ever seen.  I also hate it.  The sights are in a perfect spot except that they don't work very well. (more later)  The top rail is at an angle.  At first I believed that this would make it rather useless, but surprisingly it has proven to work fine, if being too high to be comfortable.

     The stock is the farthest back from the handle of any Airsoft gun I have by a good 2 inches.  If you like huge stocks, this might be good for you.  Also, it is hard plastic with a lot of random ridges all over.  It seems like a good idea but makes my shoulder ache whenever I use it.

     This gun is built for .20g use, which is unusual since most in this price range use .12s, but it's a good thing.  It does have a lot of power, more than enough for backyard skirmishes.  FPS is probably around 350 with .20's

     Accuracy is what made me want to get this.  Every review claimed amazing accuracy.  Well, it is great for a $40 gun.  Left and right, shots go dead straight with .20s up to about 75'.  (excluding wind of course)  Vertically, the two things affecting accuracy are hop up and sights.

     Hop up works well but is rather insensitive for better or worse.  Lots of cheaper guns have hop up slides but they don't really affect hop up.  Here, the difference is noticeable, just not much.  Overall hop is pretty good.

     My problem is the sights.  The rear sight can move up and down for elevation, a great feature.  Except that you can hardly see through the sight on the most accurate settings.  For some reason, the higher settings, which work fine, make it shoot too high.  And the lower settings, which shoot just right, are blocked by part of the rail.

     Interestingly, on the lowest setting the rear sight is down completely and a wide view of the front sight is available.  Reminds me of a red dot.  It's a shame that it still shoots too high.

     High power
     Good accuracy
     Unique design
     Good weight and build
     Good mag
     Bottom rail for forgrip
     Decent hop

     Bad sights
     Bad vertical accuracy
     Small sights view
     Priming can pinch fingers

     All in all, this gun is pretty much balances out pros and cons.  It isn't amazing and is a springer so it will be pretty useless in close quarters.  However, the good power and accuracy mean it could work as a budget sniper for backyard warriors or just plinking if one likes the Famas.  If not, keep looking.

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