Jul 23, 2014

Guitar Tuning Trick

     Here's a little tip I picked up along the way for how to keep your guitar in tune a little better, especially if it's a cheap one.

     Here we have the type of guitar tuner that this trick will work for (not all types work).  See the little screw at the top?  Most Fender or Schaller style tuners will have one of these.  If one of your tuners feels a little loose or wobbly, try tightening this screw.  It fixed the problem instantly on a few cheap tuners.

     In addition, tightening compresses the bushing just a little, causing friction.  This is not good when you are restringing and want it to turn smooth and quickly.  But when you want the tuner to hold a note, even with strains of bending and vibrato, the extra friction will help it hold it in tune.  "The more you know."

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