Dec 4, 2011

Mini Double Shot Mod

     The popular opinion once the Barrel Break was released was "Great, now we can get rid of our old Double Shots, those were horrible anyway."  However, the Double Shot has fantastic mod potential that the Barrel Break lacks.

     Obviously, a lot of this mod is aesthetic improvement and minimization.  The internals are very different now too.  The mods I did were

  • Minimization
  • Front filling to make it look nice after minimization
  • Rear pullback plunger rods
  • CPVC barrels
  • Seal improvement
  • AR removal (no more shells)
     The results were
  • Much smaller size
  • More unique look
  • Full dart compatibility
  • 50' ranges (average)
  • 100% reliability
     The materials and tools were nothing more than the Double Shot itself, a hacksaw,  hot glue, and some CPVC for barrels.  Modding isn't too hard and I'd give it a 5 out of 10 in difficulty, but a 9 out of 10 in effectiveness.  It changes a terrible, unreliable, weak blaster that takes shells into a compact double barreled shotgun.  This mod is great all around and is one of the cleanest I have done.


  1. Try taking off the stock too to make it a pistol

  2. Actually, I made a "Stubby Dubby" once which was basically the handle with barrels. It looked nowhere near as good as this one and had all sorts of problems with the catch. The catch has 4 levels it can catch to and after the Stubby Dubby mod it could only go to the second level because the shell was cut away so much. End ranges ended up being little better than stock. I like this one the way it is.


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