Jan 23, 2015

Pedal Chain

Current pedal chain
          Here's my current footpedal setup, though it's extremely simple.  I'm currently only using three pedals, two of which I only occasionally use.  From left to right:

Joyo JF-2 Ultimate Drive - Very nice overdrive/distortion pedal for just $30.  Only used sometimes because I can get plenty of different overdrives and distortions from the amplifier.

Homemade Passive Signal Modifier - Has a couple different, mostly subtle, effects.  This functions like an extension of the tone and volume controls in the guitar, with a more variable tone knob that can cut either treble or bass, but reduces the signal greatly.  Also has a passive diode clipping control to allow a slight natural overdrive.  Honestly the best part is that it is entirely battery and power source free.

Homemade A/B Selector Switch - This is the most basic footpedal possible - and also my most used pedal.  Made from an old hard drive case, it's just an input jack and on/off switch.  This allows changing between two presets on the amplifier.  Extremely useful.

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