Jul 16, 2015

Behringer Hellbabe HB-01 Wah Pedal Review

I looked through a lot of wah pedals before ultimately going with the Behringer Hellbabe, as much as I wanted a Morley Bad Horsie, I don't think I could have justified the price difference.

Why did I go with the Behringer?
Find out after the break!

- At least $30 - $50 cheaper than the next competitors
- Optical control means no scratchy pots, ever
- Has Q controls and an adjustable boost, only found on very high end wah pedals otherwise.
- Step-on step-off control instead of a button

The build quality is pretty nice all around - yes it is plastic, but it has a heavy metal base and rubber grip and doesn't feel cheap, although all-metal would be nicer of course.

The sound quality is more than acceptable, other wahs are arguably better, but really it's all personal preference, and this one is adjustable if you don't love the sound!

The step-on/off feature is great for quickly switching back and forth and also won't wear out like a button. However, it does sometimes switch back when you don't want it to when you're in the heel-down position, which can be a little annoying.

The boost feature is handy and can add up to a 10 dB boost or a bit more gain, which can be pretty useful, especially for soloing.

Ultimately I'd say that if you want a wah pedal and you're on a tight budget, the Behringer Hellbabe is probably the best choice out there, and almost certainly the most versatile. It doesn't have quite the same prestige or build quality, but hell, it costs half as much and all the other features are great to have.

For what it is, I'd give it 9/10 stars, and recommend it to musicians on a budget, or anyone wanting another wah pedal to change things up a bit.

Sound - 7 / 10
Durability - 7 / 10
Features - 9 / 10
Versatility - 10 / 10
Value - 9 / 10

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