Oct 28, 2015

There are five types of guitarists online

A little humor for you - everyone who's looked for guitar reviews online should understand :)

I've noticed there are about five different types of people on the average guitar shopping forum/question:

- The Ridiculously Brand Loyal Silver Spooner
"Only a 1957 Gibson is worth anything.  Those other guitars are sh**, and you're a sh** musician if you like them.  Suck it up and get a job, punk."

- The Tuner-Upper
"Find the cheapest guitar.  Dumpsters are fair game.  Take it into your workshop, strip the paintjob, replace the body, build a new neck from scratch, buy Ultra-Grade locking tuners, slap in some $400 Bareknuckle custom pickups, and you're good to go."

- The Confused 12-Year Old
"where do i get a gibsom if i only have $30 and is a first act good enuf 4 tour?"

- That Ultra-Specific Personal Experience Guy
"17 months ago I bought a great MiJ Ibanez XYZ4812 from gU1taR74 on eBay and there was a little bit of fret buzz on the G string but once I adjusted the bridge pickup the treble was perfect so that should work for you too."

- The Soul Match Purist
"You can't buy on brands or price.  You can't buy online, ever.  You must try every guitar in your hands and feel the vibrations touch your heartstrings because every guitar is special and no one else can tell you what feels right for you."

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