Jun 18, 2016

New SoundCloud Profile

I'm personally new to this service but just today launched my own account where I will share all my completed songs and the best of my original music.  

As of right now, I've only uploaded some older work, a few Christmas songs I released almost two years back (including my heavy metal Carol of the Bells, which is worth a listen any season!)  No, I'm not a massive Christmas fan, I simply fail to finish production most of the time without a clear deadline!

That being said, my "first" album is in the works, writing lyrics and riffs and designing the album artwork, including a new band name, which I'll keep under wraps just a little longer ;)  Once I do record and get through production, however, all my music will be available absolutely free, so be sure to follow now and look forward to some fresh new beats in the future.

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