Oct 27, 2016

Don't wait - Intonate!

Before intonating, pretty much straight from the parts bin

Here's my little PSA for the day - don't wait to intonate! (how Seussical!)

          Seriously though.  Especially for people newer to guitar tweaking, intonation is one of those things that can slip through the cracks, water under the bridge you might say (you do not want water under this bridge; it could get rusty and who knows how hard it'll be to intonate then.)

After the first round of intonating, fixed the worst of the problems but still wasn't quite there

          Speaking for myself, I never had a problem with intonating my guitars with Strat style vintage trems or Tune-O-Matics, where it's just ten minutes with a screwdriver and a tuner, but dealing with this monstrous chrome V6 engine they call a Floyd Rose simply wasn't appealing in the least.  Bolts and allen wrenches and locking nuts, oh my.  

          As it turns out that there was no sense in putting it off - it wasn't too difficult to fix, and the little change really made a big difference in the sound afterwards.  The tone was the same, of course, but the slightly out-of-tune sounds from frets 12-21 really made playing slightly uncomfortable in a way that I didn't fully appreciate until fixing it.  

After the second round of intonation, now quite a bit better!

          Improvising feels much more natural now that the notes I hit are actually the notes that sound, and it's relieving to play any riff higher on the fretboard and not be battered by slightly off-key notes.  Try playing "Sweet Child o' Mine" on a guitar with the intonation off and you'll immediately know what I mean.  Anyway, there's my little announcement for the day, you may or may not know if your guitar's intonation is off, but the fix is easy and it's well worth it to invest the twenty minutes, even on a Floyd Rose, if you have any intention of performing, recording, or even enjoying practicing.  So don't wait - intonate.

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