Nov 22, 2016

Comparison of DIY Guitar Kits by Price

DIY Guitar Kits Comparison Price

          In the market for DIY guitar kits, or just checking out what's out there?  At first it can be pretty intimidating to compare the options, so I made an (excessively) simple chart to compare some of the options out there.

          Of course, quality varies quite a bit by maker, and there's a wide range of prices by each maker and distributor, but I took a rough average for a fairly simple (but not bottom-end) guitar kit by each distributor so you get the general idea of where to shop around for your budget.

          It is interesting to see such a strict divide between makers; a plethora of "low tier" kits $200 and under (most peak at about $200 for a semi-hollow or ES-335 style guitar) and the "high end" kits where body and neck each cost near $200, hardware and electronics excluded.  Whatever your budget or needs, this should help give a rough overview of the market, hope it helps!

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