Dec 28, 2016

Guitar Transformation Pics (Before & After)

DIY guitar before and after
"Blondie" - Scrap Partscaster
There's something eminently satisfying about a good "before and after" shot of something that you've worked very hard on.  

With that in mind, I find these pictures extremely satisfying, and hope that you too will find it at least a little bit cool, and that I may assert dominance by demonstrating some degree of luthiery competence :p

DIY guitar before and after
"Sienna" - 335 Kit

More after the break:

DIY guitar before and after
"Stripes" - Partscaster
*Holds the current record for most posts about a single guitar, and most indecisive and small mods made along the way.

DIY guitar before and after
EvH Frankenstrat Replica
*I recently traded this replica for an Epiphone Les Paul, which I then sold to buy the parts to build the 335 build above.  Funny how these things happen sometimes.

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