Jan 26, 2016

Douglas Hadron 727 Floyd Rose Demo and Review

My quick little demo and noodling around on the Douglas Hadron 727 guitar from Rondo Music.

Review summary:

- Build Quality -
The construction of this guitar is outstanding for the price; it's a neck-through build and it's incredibly solid and quite well-made, I think it's very difficult if not impossible to beat for around $200.

- Fretboard -
Overall the fretboard is great and works exactly as it should, the inlays are nice as well, unfortunately there are also a few frets that sound somewhat more "dead" than others, and that's something worth taking into account.

- Hardware and tuners -
The tuners on this guitar are excellent (Grovers) and it stays in tune extremely well after the Floyd is set up and the strings are stretched properly.
The tremolo itself is quite nice (Licensed Floyd) and works great, the only complaint I've had being that the bar takes some tinkering to stay relatively fixed on and avoid any wobbly or loose screws.

- Sound -
The sound from the guitar itself is a little thinner than I'm used to, but that's likely mostly because I'm using 0.09 strings on this guitar rather than my usual 0.11 gauge.
The pickups aren't great, they're fairly muddy and quite high output; they'll be more difficult and expensive to replace because they're 7 string pups though.  Upgraded pups and proper setup could make this a professional-level guitar on a pretty tight budget.

Overall I highly recommend at least checking out Rondo Music's offerings - they don't spend a penny on advertising and don't do a lot to put themselves out there, but the quality of their guitars and their rock-bottom prices speak for themselves.

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