Feb 16, 2016

Neewer Microphone Stand and Pop Filter Review

Microphone Pop Filter
Neewer Microphone Stand 
Now I'm not yet much of a vocalist myself, but I'm building up my array of recording gear to help me get there.  
This mic stand and pop filter made by Neewer that I recently picked up is a pretty nice piece of kit to take your recording to the next level at a low price.

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(Note: I'm under no endorsement from the company nor have received any compensation for my review, I just happen to like the mic stand :P)

Anyway, what is it?  At about $10 you get a simple small adjustable tripod stand with a pop filter dangling in front of the mic like a lure.  Which is practical and looks a little cool too.

New in box

Build quality:
I like the tripod quite a bit actually, it's plenty sturdy and your mic will no doubt stand just where you put it.  The angle also adjusts nicely and doesn't flop around.  The legs are not adjustable in length though, your microphone is essentially fixed at ~6" off the desktop.

The microphone is held in place by an array of rubber bands hooked through the frame.  No doubt that they'll fall apart given long enough, but for now they work just fine.

The pop filter can be solidly fixed in place, although it will always move if you bump it.

I've used the microphone several times so far and rather like it, and the mic definitely gets used more often in it's more noticeable position on the desktop.  The size works nicely fitting in with everyday items and is great if you're not a full-time musician and don't want it to dominate your space.

The height of the mic is okay, it's a little low sometimes for recording, and I have a fairly high desk, but if it were higher, the tripod would be less stable and it would take up more space.  Occasionally I just prop up a textbook or two under the tripod to boost the height.

The pop filter doesn't create a huge difference, but is definitely nice at the times when it does take the annoying *whoosh* of air out of your vocals and makes it a more consistent, professional sounding recording, even if only by a little bit. 

My setup with the microphone by the laptop

The bottom line is that it's not perfect and never will be, but if you can pick up a combo tripod/pop-filter like this for under $20 it's a great deal and a nice investment as you improve your recording setup and work towards nailing that sound you want.  Five out of five alpacas.

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