Mar 26, 2016

Adventures of a Squier Strat Episode V

"Matt, we're sick of hearing about the stupid things you do to this guitar, just leave it in peace!"

Too bad if you feel that way, I just had to go and mess it up a bit more!

New pickup covers, a botched clear coat, silky satin finish, and a wimpy relic incoming.

The paint before, with many thin layers of clear coat

The paint after wet sanding with 2000 grit sandpaper. Looks great, feels amazing.
Steps to making your guitar feel smooth like a baby's bottom:
1)  Clear coat it so you won't go through the paint
2)  Fill a bowl with water and a drop of soap
3)  Dip 2000 grit wet or dry sandpaper in the solution
4)  Gently scrub your guitar, being cautious of corners as always!
5)  Wipe off the crap with a wet paper towel
6)  Dry with a towel and feel the amazingness.

The only issue that I ran into was that the black finish around the edges is kinda unevenly finished, some parts are duller than others and it doesn't look great up close, but if you're on stage no one is inspecting the hue of the sides of your guitars anyway.

Speaking of which, I did do a light relic before the clear coat, it's a bit more noticeable in person than in the pictures, but I like the character it gives it.

Suggestions for what to mess up next? :P

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