Mar 13, 2016

Are Rondo Music guitars any good?

If you follow my posts much, you probably already know that to me, the name on the headstock is nearly meaningless compared to the quality of the instrument itself.  If you agree with this to any significant degree, you'll definitely find Rondo Music a lesser-known resource worth checking out.

As of yet, I have purchased, owned, and reviewed two guitars from Rondo Music, and considering more.  As someone loyal to products rather than brands, this should be something of a testimony to the surprising quality of their instruments.

Simply put, Rondo Music offers pretty decent instruments at ridiculously great prices.

The two guitars that I own, the Douglas Hadron 727 and SX Callisto Custom each cost me under $170 brand new.  And while not perfect, nor as good as a quality Gibson, both are rock solid guitars that will look, and sound just as good to the layman in the audience.

These two are Rondo's midrange; which offers two interesting perspectives.  One is of the higher end guitars, that for $200 you can get a respectable guitar and for a bit more you can get a very competitive instrument.  The other is that there are instruments as low as half this already low price.  Budget modder's heaven?

Overall I've found Rondo Music to be a fascinating resource for good instruments at a steal of a price by cutting out the middlemen and advertising.  Their website might still belong in the early 2000's but their customer service is strong and their products speak for themselves.

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