Mar 10, 2016

The Political Spectrum as Spaceship Doodles

Now for something fresh in the musty world of politics, here's the (American) political spectrum represented in terms of spaceship doodles. 

A lighthearted representation of a serious analysis of the fundamental reasons that people tend to support one side or another politically.

[Note that the key term is "tend".  Perhaps you are a young urban conservative, or an old backwoods liberal.  That's fine, you're free to break the bounds of what is average or most common.  Of course, however, if we spend all our time analyzing the outliers, we will never find the common trends that unite people, and naturally we need some degree of generalization or we will never get anything done at all.]

The key theory here is that liberal and conservative politics, at least in modern America, represent a continuum based most predominantly on a spectrum ranging from fear to optimism.

This is not to say that one is right and the other is wrong; optimism drives us into the future with goals, while fear keeps us safe from being destroyed or destroying ourselves in the process.  I posit that a radical imbalance of either force is unhealthy to the development of any nation in the long term.

Discussion is always encouraged, bring your A game in the comments section below!

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