Jul 29, 2016

Building a tiny guitar, because, you know, it's a tiny guitar.

When you want to test your luthiery skills but can't afford another guitar, weird things happen.  As in, matchbox sized guitars for no real reason.  Anyway, it sure is adorable in it's own funky way, more after the break!

Starting out - a little scrap of a window shutter that I'm pretty sure is made of pine.  Used a jigsaw to cut out the main shapes pretty quickly, this part went faster than I was expecting, no problems.

After the rough cutting and shaping, it's really looking like a little guitar already!  I used metal files to shape the edges and contours quickly, and sandpaper for the rest.

Smooth sand it with 400 grit sandpaper and clean it off for painting.

Toss it in the oven to get out all the moisture from wet sanding real quick!

Hung it up to paint - a tiny drop of superglue to hold it by a shred of paper.  The feeling of the ridiculousness of this whole project is beginning to set in.

Painting was... interesting.  I had some perfectly functional red paint, but decided to try an old can of blue.  This worked for the first coat, then the nozzle busted and no more of that blue.  

I then found a lighter teal color and decided to try that... which worked great for one coat until it started shooting out little chunks.  No good, so I take it in to sand back and just go with red... except that I liked the way the two blues worked with a super worn finish, so I decided to leave it.

On to the neck!  Using a little printout as guide, I penciled in little frets.  Some poly clear coat brushed over the neck sealed it up and protects the "fretwork"!

With a penny for size comparison - adorable!

And voila!  Tiny guitar, for the sake of building a tiny guitar.  Afterwards I built a stand to hold it out of a nail and paperclips, just because it wasn't ridiculous enough already.  Hope you enjoyed, and perhaps you'll have fun trying it yourself as well!

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