Jul 7, 2016

New Project Guitars

          Two and a half guitars I picked up as material for some new projects.  At least one Frankenstrat in the works at the moment, and a blank slate for another project afterwards.  Lots of pics of the works below!

This heavy old guitar body has seen better days for sure, with no less than three different paintjobs layered on top of each other.

Interestingly, one of them was an EvH Frankenstrat paintjob.  However, I'm using the other, arguably better body for my Frankenstrat and not sure exactly where I'll take this one next.

The other body was a 1978 Harmony made in Japan.  This body too had seen some wear, and had small finish cracks in several places and shallow cracks through the body as well.  Filling these cracks and the original pickguard holes with wood glue worked great and cleaned up nicely under the primer coat as well.

I engineered some stakes for the neck pocket to prop it up for painting.  So far it's had a few coats of some old black paint/primer and worked alright.  Rubbing a rag over the finish after giving it time to dry brought out a mild shine and cleaned off all the loose paint and dust.

I finished trimming the pickguard to shape and fit it to the body.  The most stressful part so far was undoubtedly drilling the holes right to install the Floyd Rose tremolo anchors.  After this, however, I'm feeling confident that the rest of the project will only get easier.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome below in the comments!

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