Apr 19, 2016

Custom Fretboard Inlays

After somewhat botching my twelfth fret inlays when scalloping, I wondered if there was an easy solution to cover up my mistakes and make my guitar a bit cooler in the meantime.

I could've forked over $10 to Amazon for a set of inlay stickers but I decided to stick to the low budget, DIY theme, and I'm pretty happy I did!

Started out simple: measured desired dimensions, traced with pencil, went over in marker.  Added a touch of personality then sealed the whole thing in Scotch tape.  Cut out carefully...

What could make a better guitar clamp than a capo?  I covered the back of the inlay in superglue, positioned carefully on the fretboard, covered in a small folded piece of paper towel to distribute pressure, and clamp with a capo for an hour.

Remove the capo and voila - clean new inlay very nicely stuck to the board.  I wouldn't trust it to stick on a regular fretboard with bends and all, but on the scalloped board the strings won't touch it anyway so it's safe.

Looks great, especially from a distance, giving it a custom touch that I really like.

Possible new designs I've made: should I swap it out for a cleaner digital design or keep the handmade one?

Lookin' good to me!

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