Apr 26, 2016

How to Dampen Tremolo Springs with Aqurium Tubing

The title should be fairly self-explanatory as to the nature of this post; this is the spiritual successor to my previous post on dampening Stratocaster springs here.

Unlike the previous post, however, this focuses on a simple, clean, and effective alternative which should be preferable particularly on high-end instruments which require a less invasive method.

Previously, the spring pictured above had been dampened with felt and paper towel - a functional, but certainly suboptimal approach that is hardly the most attractive and doesn't effectively mute the strings entirely on high gain.

The aquarium tubing method requires a small coil of aquarium tubing such as the stuff pictured above, purchased for about five bucks, and will do the job for 8-14 guitars, depending on the number of springs you use (50 cents a guitar!)  The best part is that you just slide it into the spring, snip the end, and can silence the springs in a guitar in under five minutes with no cosmetic change.

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